What is AUM?


aumsign stands for the Power of God.

To try to understand aumsign , let us take it part by part.
aumsign  can be spelt in English in two ways – OM and AUM.

If spelt as OM, it signifies Only Mahesh. If we pray, worship and lay our trust in Lord Mahesh, we lay grounds to receive divine blessings.
If spelt as AUM, we can interpret it as Almighty Universal Mahesh

aumsign starts as “3”, which are the 3 forms of God – “Brahma”, “Vishnu” & “Mahesh”. It is an open number because the knowledge and power found in the 3 Gods is to be freely distributed amongst all. The number 3 has passages for this power to flow out and fill the universe.

The number 3 also stands for the 3 eyed God, Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva’s eyes are always half open in order to distribute love, knowledge and power.

The number 3 is also in the shape of Bholenathji’s weapon, the Trishul.
If the number 3 is closed, it resembles the letter “B”. The letter “B” is symbol of Bholenathji, who is filled with divine knowledge. With meditation of aumsign, we can receive this knowledge.

aumsign It also signifies the lock, which has two parts – Brahma and Vishnu and aumlock is the key.
The key is Lord Bholenathji with which we open this divine lock. Therefore, Lord Shiva is the key with which we can open the power and knowledge found in aumsign.


The lock and the key are both interrelated – they are a treasure trove of knowledge – the key to gain knowledge. Love for God is the key for opening this lock. God is Love.

Love is the universal language understood not only by mankind but by birds, animals and all living creatures. When you love God with a true heart, you automatically love all His creations – man, birds, plants, flowers, trees, sea, rivers, lakes, mountains etc. Godly love is the foundation for transformation. Serving the poor, the lowly, the suffering and the needy, is service to God. Taking care of Nature which is God’s own creation is again service to the Lord. Lift your heart to the Lord and seek pure love and devotion and God’s grace will flow unto you and cleanse you of every stain.