Pearls of Wisdom

di“Who is Bhola?” Bhola is God. What is God? God is power. What is power? Power is that which cannot be seen but can only be felt. This power first came in the form of “OM”. This power created the universe, created you, created the birds and the animals and everything that was necessary for survival.

In this Universe, you made different religions and different customs and to this Power gave different names like Bhagwan, Jesus, Allah and made this Power your strength, your faith – sometimes blind and sometimes real, natural, true.

What is true faith? True faith is the sweetness – the sweetness which is in you and me.

di"Today, I have come on this earth for you because you are very special, dear and precious to me. I have come on this earth with a purpose. I want you to enjoy and experience this life to the fullest in all its hues and colours with a light heart and a life free of tension.


You worship my idol which is made of stone. But today I am here with you. Come to me with the same pure thoughts as you do when you worship my idol or visit my temple. When you visit my temple, don’t ever think I am in meditation and you cannot disturb me.

Just as you knock on any door that you visit, you are welcome to break the coconut (prasad) that you bring for me right there and then inside the temple to let me know you have taken the trouble to come to me for my blessings.

Do not let anybody stop you from offering the coconut to me. If you think that by breaking the coconut you will disturb my meditation, then do not even ring the bell in the temple. If the bell does not disturb me, how can your offering of coconut, which you have brought with so much love and devotion, disturb me.

Your lightness lies in your ability to forget the past and enjoy the present. Do not cloud your mind with doubts and insecurity. I shall never fail your confidence in me. Never draw a line in your devotion towards me. I love you and therefore I shall also sometimes punish you for your own good – the power to heal lies with me. I test those whom I wish to bless and the wise understand and completely surrender to my will under all circumstances.

di"Your faith is milk to me and patience sugar. And when I drink this milk, it mixes with my sweetness and love for you. Give me the two together and in return I will give you “Happiness”, “Peace of mind”, “Satisfaction” and “Confidence”.

Respect your parents

It is very necessary that you love and respect your parents. You are here because of them. However, you love and trust your family and friends but you do not pray to each other or worship each other because in trust there is no worship.

But when you worship me, you also trust me. In this trust, may creep in doubts and your milk of faith may get curdled. Instead of throwing this milk you can reuse this curdled milk if you so desire and when you do so, I shall be waiting to accept you back in my fold with open arms.

I shall always bless you and keep you close to me. You may forget me but wherever you may be my blessings will be with you. Whenever you think of me I will be there for you. It is for you to understand what you have gained and what you have lost. Your faith and patience is your principle amount with me which I will return to you with interest by way of “Happiness”, “Peace of mind”, “Satisfaction” and “Confidence”.

You have made my Universe a beautiful place by giving it different colors with your presence. I shall never desert you. The word “impossible” does not exist for me. If your prayers and devotion towards me remain unchanged even in the darkest moments of your life, I shall hold the torch that will light your path and will make everything possible for you and you will experience a life full of happiness and bliss.

di"I am the hope of the hopeless, the help of the helpless, the savior of the dejected. When you come to me and sit at my feet with your problems I shall give you a patient ear in total confidence and solve your problems. Your problems and burdens I shall store inside me and as you are dear and precious to me I shall give you a place in my heart.

I am the locket and you are the chain which holds the locket. Just as everybody admires a beautiful locket in a chain so also the chain is admired because of the locket.

The locket will remain locked if there is no chain to hold it. You are as important to me as I am to you. When I bless you, I shall pass on my vibrations to you and I shall touch and feel not only you but also your heart and soul.

I shall bless you so that you understand and appreciate the feelings of others. Do not discard the flower as impure if it falls to the ground while offering to me. It has fallen down due to your own mistake. This flower also like you has life and feelings and needs my love and care.

Each one of you is my little flower, each with different fragrance. I accept you as you are with all your positive and negative qualities. I shall never let you wither. I shall nurture you with love and care.

I shall bless you so that you become a better human being with positive thoughts and positive attitude. I shall bless you so that your thoughts are clear and you can see the positive side in everything and understand and accept that whatever happens happens for the best and accept it as my will.

Shed your Ego

I shall bless you so that you can face all life’s challenges smilingly and courageously. After dawn there is darkness and after darkness, dawn again.

This phenomenon is for you to understand that nothing is permanent. Ego is the root cause of all suffering. I shall bless you to become a down to earth and strong person like the tree whose roots and branches are strong but still those branches are always bent downwards.

I shall bless you so that you are always strong like the branches of the tree to take all the good and the bad in your stride with same smile and courage and pride does not touch you.

I shall bless you so that you can enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Your destiny is not related with hard work but your efforts are must to change your destiny. You cannot reach the shrine if you do not make the pilgrimage. Remember me in all that you do and leave the rest to me and I will take care of all your burdens.

I shall bless you so that you are always remembered as a good soul for your kind actions and deeds rather than as a beautiful or handsome person for a short while. Anger may be necessary sometimes but remember it is one word short of danger.

Just as accessories make you a better looking person outwardly so also accessories like kindness, compassion, humbleness are necessary to develop your inner values.

di"I shall bless you so that you always remain happy and spread the rays of happiness throughout the entire world. Love me, trust me, pray to me, worship me, make me your constant companion and you will experience a lightness and life free of tension.