Experiences of Devotees

Dev Galani (Brother)

Dear Bhola,  

Today I have been directed by Lord Bhola to put my feelings about Bhola on paper.  It is not easy for a simple and ordinary man like me to describe the Lord in words.  Well, for me, Bhola is everything I do, since the day I got and understood Bhola.  My Faith in Bhola has given me tremendous amount of self-confidence, wherever I may be.  I may be driving my car, I may be in the Court arguing a case, I may be talking to my clients or to any authority or any one.  My faith in Bhola is reflected in my self-confidence.  Because of my total faith in Bhola, I have been very successful in my profession and in whatever I do.  I feel I cannot move single step without taking the help of Bhola.  For me, the word of Bhola is final. Even though it may be totally illogical and normally it is illogical.  I do not entertain any doubts at all.  I do not want to know the reason as to why a particular thing is happening in a particular way.  It is sufficient for me if Bhola says, it will happen like that.

Bhola’s kindness cannot be described in words.  Bhola is ready to give anything to any one.  Only thing in return to be given to Bhola is total faith, which is really not difficult if one desires to give.

With the grace of Bhola, I have been able to light the candle of faith in the minds of many people and accordingly, today all those people are great devotees of Bhola and they have become good people.  I have seen them becoming so happy.  Bhola says, give me all your tensions and take as much happiness as you want.  According to me if a person does not have faith in God, he is the most unfortunate person on the whole of earth and I pity such person.  Bhola has helped me at such times when no one on the whole earth could have helped.  I remember an incident, when I had filed a petition in the Bombay High Court.  It is important to note that the law was against me, but when I prayed to Bhola, I was told that even if the whole world was against me, the order was going to be passed in my favour and therefore I was very confident in the Court.  Accordingly when the Order was passed it was in my favour.

I have seen a number of miracles since the day Bhola entered the body of my sister Rekha, that is, 18th July 1993.  I remember, in the last week of July 1993, Bhola had directed my whole family including my three married sisters and their husbands, to keep awake for one week and listen to what Bhola had to say.  When we asked Bhola as to how could it be possible to be awake for one full week, Bhola said, “Pray to me tonight at 11 p.m. to take away your sleep for one week”.  Accordingly, we all did the same.  We were surprised to see that we did not get sleep for one full week and we were only listening to Bhola constantly for hours together without taking any rest.  And accordingly, after the week was over, we all got sleep.

Just to be with Bhola or to have a word with Her on phone is great experience.  I am the luckiest man to have had darshan of Bhola and to have lived with Bhola, seeing miracles everyday.

To understand Bhola, one has to give 100% faith to Bhola.  It is not necessary to go to a temple and light agarbattis everyday, it is not necessary to do pooja everyday.

Only thing required, that is to have 100% fa-ith in Bhola.  If one remembers Bhola, he should have 100% faith that Bhola is listening to him and Bhola will definitely help, only then the faith will become total.

I am a very simple man.  I do not find more words to describe Bhola.  In short, Bhola is the ultimate truth and I cannot survive without Bhola.

Pushpa M. Galani (Sister)

I am a devotee of Lord Shiva.  My Charan Sparsh to Bhola.  I feel honoured to have got an opportunity to say something about Bhola.  I feel I am the luckiest person who has got an opportunity to live “with Bhola and worship Him for 24 hours”.

I can say from my own experience of more than six years while living with Bhola that it is not possible to understand Bhola completely.  Bhola is a book of endless pages.  Bhola is an ocean, full of endless shells.  The deeper you go, the more shells you get.  I worship Bhola from the depth and core of my heart.  Bhola, the ‘God of Love and Peace’ is supreme soul with supreme power Whom one should give 100% devotion and respect.  The biggest miracle of my life is that I have had darshan of Bhola.  It is the ultimate experience of my life, which is the “rarest of the rare”.

After having darshan of Bhola, I have changed a lot.  I am very happy and very confident.  Bhola has given me a lot of energy to face any difficulty.

I am proud of myself because Bhola came on this earth and entered my sister Rekha’s body on my prayers.  I would like to mention that during my childhood, I used to pray to Bhola for darshan.  I used to think that if Bhola gives me darshan I would ask for my beauty and long hair and accordingly, Bhola has fulfilled my desire.  I had the darshan of Bhola and I got what I ‘wanted’.  I used to think that I should be close to some saint or some highly spiritual person.  I used to pray for that to Bhola.  Accordingly, Bhola fulfilled my desire by Himself coming on this earth and entering the body of my sister and living with me for 24 hours since the last six years.  Bhola is the supreme soul.

It is not easy for me to say more about Bhola because as I go on thinking about Bhola, I get charged emotionally and Bhola does not allow me to think.  Bhola is in my blood.  I cannot survive without Bhola.  I require Bhola to be with me for each and every minute because I do not exist without Bhola.